Jetpack Joyride

1.10.8 for iPhone

Fly, shoot, dodge and win



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Joyride Jetpack is a platform action game in which you will have to lead Barry through a series of levels, while trying all different types of "jetpacks" available and try not to die trying.

At first you only have the classic "jetpack" of machine guns as you have seen in other titles in the same company. However, by collecting coins that are distributed around the stage, you can buy much more spectacular new cars.

Your main weapon in overcoming all these levels will be your reflections, very necessary if you are to survive the hundreds of obstacles of every kind you find in each level.

The visual style of the game retains all the charm of the previous titles in Halfbrick Studios (the developer), which have some exquisite pixilated models and are beautiful to look at.
Jetpack Joyride offers non-stop frenetic action for hours. It's literally the most addictive and fun games you can find. If you have two free minutes do not think about it and let it rip.
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